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Q: I just received a fill, but my tank is not 100% full. Why not?
In order to accommodate for propane’s tendency to expand as the temperature warms, propane tanks are generally filled only to 80% capacity. This is standard practice in the propane industry.

Q: How do I know what size tank to get?
The right tank for your application depends on several factors – including your usage, location, and tank availability. To find what size is right for you, please contact your local Caledon Propane office.

Q: I need to set up my propane account to meet my budget. Do you have payment plans?
Caledon Propane offers a number of flexible payment options to fit the needs of any Customer. To learn more, please contact your local Caledon Propane office.

Q: Can I use my barbeque grill to keep my house warm if my power goes out?
NEVER use outdoor propane appliances, including patio heaters, barbecue grills, and portable generators, indoors or in enclosed areas. This can result in carbon monoxide poisoning or death. Only use appliances that are designed and approved for indoor heating use.

Q: I am considering installing a carbon monoxide detector or a propane gas detector. What kind do you recommend?
There are several excellent detectors available in a number of price ranges. We recommend that a carbon monoxide (CO) detector listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) be installed on every level of your home. Be sure to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding installation, location, and maintenance.

Propane gas detectors provide an additional measure of security. It is recommended that you consider installing one or more propane gas detectors listed by UL in your home. As with CO detectors, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding installation, location, and maintenance.

Q: I own my own propane tank but would like to paint it to match my house. What color can I paint my tank?
Tank colours vary from province to province and often according to local homeowner association rules, but generally should be a light, reflective colour. Because they retain heat more readily, dark colours can cause excess pressure to build in the tank causing the relief valve to discharge. The tank or cylinder paint should be kept in good condition, but be sure that you do not paint tank valves, caps, regulators or data plates.

Q: How far can my tank be set from my driveway?
There are a number of factors to be considered when deciding where to set a tank, including local building and safety codes. As a general rule, propane tanks should be within 100 feet of delivery vehicle access. Please contact your local Caledon Propane office for more details.

Q: How do I read my gauge on my tank?
The gauge will usually be located under the hood on the top of your tank. Simply lift the hood and find the dial with numbers from 5 to 95. Those numbers indicate the percentage of propane in your tank. If you are a Will Call Customer, please contact your local Caledon Propane office to schedule a delivery when your gauge reads 30% or less.

Q: Can I be removed from Budget Billing?
If you fail to make timely monthly payments and any portion of the past due falls into 60 days, you will be removed from the Budget Billing program. As long as you make up the missed payments before being removed, you will be allowed to remain on Budget Billing.

Q: I noticed that I have a credit balance on my account. Can I use this credit toward my Budget Billing payments?
Budget Billing is designed to help you pay toward your actual annual charges over 9 or 12 months. Since your actual charges are spread across a 9- or 12-month period, there are times throughout the year (summer) when you may use less propane. As a result, a credit may build during this time. This credit, however, will be absorbed during the winter months when you begin using more propane. If a credit balance is available at your anniversary or six-month recalculation it will be rolled into your new monthly payment, which may be reduced. Credits cannot be used towards the monthly payment amount.

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